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WedgeMe - Shoe Lace Cover

Crucial focus on your game.
Keep shoe laces tide though out the game with WedgeMe.
Game and practice without shoe lace stoppages? WedgeMe – shoe lace covers.
Attention on the game and on learning the game.
Offering containers of 14, 28, 56 and 112 at a price the lace covers can be resold per set.
Have it shipped to your door by ordering online –

The WedgeMe are ideal for all sports and even school. For schools we are willing to make them in the same colour, to match the shoes or the colour of the school. Contact Irene


14 WedgeMe box - R50

WedgeMe's for one team


28 WedgeMe box - R100

WedgeMe's for two team



56 WedgeMe box - R200



112 WedgeMe box - R350

Large Box of 112 WedgeMe's, suitable for a club or school