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Equipment from Ring Star, Everest, and Admirel.





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Blaze Jnr Stick Glassfibre Mulberry Head - 28, 30, 32, 34" 
Viva Stick  Glassfibre Mulberry Head - 36" L, M
Hockey Sets Glassfibre Stick,Ball,Shinguards,Bag - 28 - 34"
Compo Stick Jnr  Full Glassfibre Composite 34" & 35"
Compo Stick  Full Glassfibre Composite 36"
Aero Stick  Full Glassfibre Composite 37.5"
Carbo Stick  Full Composite  37.5" (90% Carbon, 5% Kevlar, 5% Fibreglass)
Dimple Balls PU Sold in 12's
Smooth Balls - Assorted Cols                                    Sold in 12's
Smooth Balls                                      Sold in 12's
PU Seamless Dimple Match Balls     Sold in 12,s
PU Seamless Smooth Match Balls     Sold in 12,s
2 Stick Bag                                                Adjustable Stickbag
6 Stick Bag                                             6 Sticks,Additional Pockets
Deluxe Holdall                                          6 Sticks plus Luggage etc
G/K Kits Small (11-14yrs) Hlmt,Glvs,Pds,Kckrs,Bdy Armr,Smck,Pnts,Stck,Bag
G/K Kits Medium (15-16yrs)  Hlmt,Glvs,Pds,Kckrs,Bdy Armr,Smck,Pnts,Stck,Bag
G/K Kits Large (Senior)   Hlmt,Glvs,Pds,Kckrs,Bdy Armr,Smck,Pnts,Stck,Bag
Face Mask   Short Corner Mask
Face Mask  Short Corner Mask
Shell Moulded Shinguard  S, M, L
Coaching Boards A4 w/Pens, Duster, Mesh Bag *NEW* Poly Bag & H/card 
Hockey Net 3.8 m x 2.1 m x 1.2 m
Viper Astro EVA Midsole - Sz 4,8,9
Electro Hockey Shoe PU Upper Sz 5-12 UK 
Comfort Hockey Astro Shoe  PU Upper Sz 5-11 UK