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Equipment from Nordic and Admirel - Javelin, Discus, Shotput, Hammer throw, High Jump, long jump, running and hurdles.

Clothing can be made to order, give us your design and we can have the clothing made for you.

The IAAF website has a large amount of information on the rules for Athletics.


Hammerthrow - Practice 3.00kg to 7.26kg
Hammerthrow Cable and Handle Spares

DISCUS - Rubber Practice 0.75Kg to 2Kg
DISCUS - Wood Laminated Competition Quality 0.75Kg to 2Kg
SHOTPUT - Unturned- Practice - Practice 2.00Kg to 7.26Kg
SHOTPUT - Turned- Competition 2.00Kg to 7.26Kg
ATHLETIC WEAR Vests - Unisex Jnr 5/6yrs-13/14yrs - Made to Order (4 - 6 Weeks)
ATHLETIC WEAR Vests - Unisex Snr XS-2XL - Made to Order (4 - 6 Weeks)
ATHLETIC WEAR Shorts - Square Jnr 5/6yrs-13/14yrs - Made to Order (4 - 6 Weeks)
ATHLETIC WEAR Shorts - Square Snr XS-2XL - Made to Order (4 - 6 Weeks)

JAVELINS - TRAINING - Aluminium Alloy with Cord grip 500g to 800g
Javelin -Nordic Comet - Competition Up to IAAF's Specifications 500g to 800g
Javelin - Nordic Viking Flex -  IAAF Certified 500g to 800g     


HIGHJUMP Uprights - With Height Adjustors & Measuring Tape
HIGHJUMP Crossbars Fibreglass
Senior Landing Mat Foam Covered 2290 X 1370 X 450
RELAY BATONS Junior and Senior - Set of 8 - Aluminium 25cm and 30 cm
STARTING BLOCKS Jet Block - Training Slotted centre rail for easy movement 32" Adjustable
STARTING BLOCKS Championship - Competition Double bar with rubber faced foot blocks
School Hurdles Agjustable

Tug of war rope Senior 35 meter 32 mm diameter - Made in South Africa

Wooden Shotput Stop Block Curved
MEASURING TAPES Fibreglass 15m, 30m, 50m Freemans Gold Star
MEASURING TAPES Fibreglass 100 m    Freemans Open reel

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